The Innocence Test 2023: A Comprehensive Look at Our Moral Compass

Ever wondered why people are more attracted to innocence? what the innocence test is? Who takes this test? What is the average score, and how it’s calculated?

Well, the Innocence Test is a test designed to measure someone’s purity level based on their previous experiences in life. It has gained immense popularity in the past few years, mostly among teenagers, and for quite good reason. All of which will be discussed in this article.

What is The Innocence test?

Also known as the Rice Purity Test, this test is a popular online questionnaire designed to measure how pure an individual is. Originating from Rice University in the 1900s, this test has gained significant popularity among college students and young adults seeking to explore their own experiences and compare them with others.

Topics Included in the Innocence Test

The test includes a list of questions covering various aspects of an individual’s life, including

  1. Personal relationships
  2. Sexual experiences
  3. substance use
  4. Academic integrity
  5. Criminal activities
  6. Personality traits

The test is typically taken voluntarily and anonymously online. It aims to provide a numerical score ranging from 0 to 100 based on the participant’s answers. The higher the score, the higher the perceived level of innocence or purity of the user.

Who is the innocence test quiz for?

This quiz is primarily taken by college students and young adults who engage in various activities and are curious about how their experiences compare with others. The purpose of this test is not to judge or criticize individuals but rather to provide a fun and lighthearted way for people to reflect on their own personal growth and experiences.

It asks questions such as: Have you ever cheated on an exam? Or Have you ever been arrested?

How is the innocence test calculated?

The calculation of this test involves a series of questions covering various aspects of one’s life, from romantic relationships to personal experiences. By answering these questions honestly, individuals can receive a score that indicates how innocent they are perceived to be.


  • You are asked 100 questions.
  • You have to answer each question honestly.
  • The score is shown at the end.

To calculate the score accurately, it is essential to answer each question genuinely and without any biases. The questions typically cover topics related to sexual experiences, drug use, alcohol consumption, illegal activities, and personal relationships. Each question carries equal weight in determining the final score. Some common examples include inquiries about whether you have ever cheated on a partner or consumed illegal substances.

How does The Scoring of Innocence test/ Rice purity test work?

The scoring process of the Rice Purity Test consists of assigning points for each yes response to its questions. The higher the score, the more innocent or less experienced an individual is considered to be.

Scores range from 0-100, and getting less is worse, and getting more is good, just like any other test, but it just tells how pure or innocent you are. For a complete review of the scoring system, read this article below.

The innocence test
The innocence test

Updated Innocence test?

Originally created as a survey by students at Rice University to measure one’s innocence or lack thereof, it has since been adopted by numerous institutions and individuals. Recently, there have been talks of updating the test to reflect societal changes and evolving cultural norms.

One of the main reasons behind the proposed update is the recognition that what was once considered taboo or inappropriate may no longer hold true in today’s society. For example, questions about alcohol consumption and drug use might need to be reevaluated due to changing attitudes towards these substances.


Many questions in this test have been updated due to the fast-changing cultural norms.

Additionally, there is a growing understanding that purity should not be measured solely on sexual experiences but also encompass other aspects such as personal growth and mental well-being.

Flaws in the Innocence test?

There are several flaws in this test that call into question its accuracy and validity. Firstly, the test relies heavily on personal experiences and choices, which are subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. What one individual may consider innocent behavior, another may view as inappropriate or even immoral.

Secondly, the test fails to take into account cultural differences and upbringing. The concept of innocence is not universal; what is considered harmless in one culture might be seen as scandalous in another. Similarly, individuals from different backgrounds may have been exposed to different life experiences that shape their perception of innocence.


  • It relies on personal choices.
  • The concept of purity is different in different parts of the world and in different cultures.

Furthermore, the Rice Purity Test oversimplifies the complex nature of human behaviour by reducing it to a numerical score.

Impact of Innocence test?

As innocent as it may seem on the surface, this test has sparked various discussions about its impact on individuals’ self-image and social dynamics.

One notable impact of the Test is its ability to shape individuals’ perceptions of themselves. By answering personal questions about their past experiences, participants are confronted with their own actions and behaviours. This introspective process can lead to self-reflection and a deeper understanding of one’s own innocence or lack thereof.

This can have both good and bad side effects. People with stronger willpower try to improve their lives from this reflection of self-awareness, and people with weaker willpower get depressed and feel shameful.


In conclusion, this Test serves as a fascinating tool for individuals to reflect upon their moral compass and personal experiences. This test, consisting of 100 questions, covers a wide range of topics, such as romantic relationships, drug use, and academic activities. By answering each question truthfully, test-takers can gauge their level of purity on a scale from 0 to 100.

Throughout this article, we have delved into the origins of the Rice Purity Test and explored its purpose in contemporary society. It is evident that this test has evolved over time to reflect changing societal norms and attitudes towards various behaviours. While some may argue that it promotes judgment or creates unnecessary anxiety among participants, others find value in using it as a catalyst for self-reflection and growth.

frequently asked questions

This test is a thought-provoking examination of our innocence level, designed to explore how we determine right from wrong in various situations.

Anyone who is curious about their own moral values and wants to gain insights into their decision-making process can benefit from taking this Test. It has been taken by boys, girls, tiktokers, influencers and college students all over the world.

You can easily take the test by clicking on the button at the top of this article.

No, but extensive research has been conducted to ensure that this Test accurately measures individuals’ ethical perspectives. It has been developed with input from experts in psychology and ethics.

Absolutely! Upon completing the  Test, you will receive an individualized report that provides insights into your own moral compass. Additionally, you can compare your results anonymously with others who have taken the test for an interesting perspective.

The purpose of this test is not to change your morality but rather to provide self-reflection and a deeper understanding of your personal values. The test aims to enhance your awareness of different ethical perspectives.

While there are no strict age restrictions for taking this test, it is recommended for individuals aged 16 years or older due to its content and complexity.

By taking this test, you will gain valuable insights into your own moral compass, become more aware of different ethical standpoints, and potentially enhance your decision-making skills in various aspects of life.

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