Rice Purity Test for Boys: Are You as Pure as You Think?

Do you ever wonder if the problems you face in life can be due to your low purity level? Well, you might think that your purity has nothing to do with your success or failure in life but wait till you see what’s going on in your subconscious mind.

The rice purity test for boys is what affects their lives in many ways. Do you ever wonder why people go to personal development coaches and then their lives change drastically, you will get a hint about it in this blog post, and then you can decide for yourself.

What does the Rice Purity test measure?

You can find multiple articles online regarding rice purity tests measuring a person’s purity level. You can also find articles related to this on our blog, but what does it measure for boys, and how does it affect personal growth and success? It is the main topic of discussion in this article.

For a boy, the main thing in his twenties is to become successful, but what is the standard of success? Well, there are 4 main things required for a person’s success.

  1. financial freedom
  2. spacial freedom
  3. emotional freedom
  4. peace of mind

We will discuss them in detail further in the article.

The Concept of Rice Purity Test and how it affects a boys success

The concept behind the Rice Purity Test is simple yet powerful: It presents a series of 100 questions that cover various aspects of an individual’s life experiences. These questions touch upon topics such as relationships, alcohol and drug use, sexual encounters, academic honesty, and personal values.

Now all these things can have a significant impact on a boy’s life, and the beauty of this test is that the impact can be both immensely positive to negative.


  • The test has a series of questions.
  • All these questions have a huge impact

Having a high score can mean a strong mindset with stronger vital values and greater chances of success and vice versa for a low test result.

rice purity test for boys
rice purity test for boys

The Rice Purity test for boys Updated 2023

Boys face a range of distinct challenges when it comes to maintaining their purity in today’s society. From an early age, they are bombarded with cultural messages that define masculinity based on sexual prowess or conquests. These expectations can lead to feelings of insecurity and pressure among young boys as they try to navigate their way through adolescence without compromising their sense of integrity and moral values.

The important thing to note here is that if a boy can navigate through life successfully, he can achieve a lot of stuff, as boys are always under strict judgment from society. Only if a boy knows what to do at a specific moment only, then he can excel in life.


  • From early childhood, boys have to deal with masculine roles.
  • Boys have to navigate a lot through life

Why Boys Should Take the Rice Purity Test

Why Should you take it? This can be answered by one word only Personal growth.

But the main question many people ask here is how a test can help us grow. Well, that’s the wrong question. What a masculine man should think right now is where he stands first, and after identifying where he stands, then how to improve himself.

Only after identifying your weak points can you focus and work on them and create a beautiful life for yourself.

So basically its a test for boys to track your maturation.


  • Boys take the test for personal growth
  • Focus on the weak points and make yourself better

Society’s expectations for boys’ purity

Young boys too conform to societal normsSociety’s expectations for boys’ purity have long been a topic of discussion and scrutiny. From an early age, boys are often taught to be strong, independent, and assertive. They are encouraged to engage in rough play and exhibit masculine behaviors while at the same time being expected to remain pure and free from any form of vulnerability or emotional expression. This contradictory expectation places immense pressure on them, leading them to suppress their emotions and adopt a stoic demeanor.

Well, society is a cruel place; it wants men to be molded in a way in which no men can operate. They want men to be sensitive, open about their emotional state, loving, and caring, but at the same time, when men develop these skills, they think that he is not a real man. So instead of pleasing society, men should focus on pleasing themselves, and don’t get me wrong. Men can only be pleased by having success in their lives.


  • Boys are expected to be pure.
  • But purity in men is different from purity in women.

Key Components for Understanding the Rice Purity Test for Boys

As talked about previously, the test includes various categories, like sexual relationships with girls, substance usage, addictions, fetishes, criminal behaviors, and educational status. Well, all of these have a particular place in our daily lives, but the thing that the test stresses about is the extent to which these things are involved in our lives because, as we all know, excess of everything is bad.

Having a casual sexual relationship with your partner is fine, but indulging in debauchery is not. Similarly, using drugs for recreational purposes is fine, but getting addicted is not. Doing harmless yet illegal things once to twice is fine, but making it a habit is not fine at all.


  • How much are various things involved in life?
  • There are levels to everything

So the take-home message here should be knowing certain things and doing them in a casual manner makes you a man, but doing it in an absurd amount makes you a pile of shit in the eyes of everyone.

Importance of Not Misunderstanding the Purpose of the Test

There are two types of boys in this world, one is the ones who are programmed from their childhood to do things that are forced on them by either society or by their parents or their schooling, and the other are those who are always questioning everything that why should I be the one to do something, etc.

I am talking to the later ones here who are the real men because they see things in a different manner. They know that this test is not designed to judge someone’s purity or morality or to shame, bully, or stigmatize someone but to define who you are right now and who you can become if you focus all of your energies on your own self.


  • There are two mindsets of boys.
  • Those who question everything are the ones who win every battle in life.

So boys learn to become a man by embracing masculinity, and the rice purity test is just the tip of the iceberg in this process, follows us to know how you can become someone of prestige value.

Guidelines on What to Do After Taking the Test

So now you have taken the test and got your scores, you want to know what I should do now.

The only thing that you can do now is first to find out why you did what you did and what was the main motivation behind it. Understand the problem at hand first.

Once you have done that, you work on your path to success, the four main pillars that I mentioned previously.

1. Financial freedom:

The first and foremost thing that you should do is to try to get financial freedom, and by financial freedom, I don’t mean that you should try to get another job, no. But instead, make up your mind to be free from the financial strains of society.

This topic is discussed in more detail in one of our other articles.

2. Spacial freedom:

You are a man, and you cannot confine yourself to a cubicle working your ass off. Men need to be volatile and nomads with the freedom to move wherever they want.

This topic is discussed in more detail in one of our other articles for self-improvement

3. Emotional freedom:

Do you feel hanged over a past relationship and that you cannot focus on any other thing? Does everyone around you bully you? Are you single? You never had a girlfriend in your life, well to be free from all these feelings, you need to be emotionally freed.

Read this free article about emotional freedom for boys in 2023

4. Peace of mind:

Ever wondered why people go on vacations, why your better half likes to go the parlor, or why your buddies like to go to the gym? The simple answer is they are trying to find peace, and finding peace is essential for a human being to function correctly; no one can perform their best under stressful conditions.

Read this free article to get an insight into it.

Misconceptions and limitations of the Rice Purity test

The common misconceptions and limitations around the rice purity test for boys are:

  1. Some people take this test very seriously and get depressed when they find out how impure they are and think that it’s the end of the world and they are stuck In their miserable lives forever.
  2. Another one is that people take this test in a very non-serious fashion and never think twice about their results and what real-life implications they can have on their lives.

Both of these people are at the wrong conclusion. This test is not meant for any of this is a self-reflection tool to work out your weak areas in life and make them better, it make take some time, but it’s not something that is impossible to do.


In conclusion, the Rice Purity for Boys can have a significant impact on a boy’s success and personal growth. It also reflects society’s expectations and can influence their behavior and choices.

However, it is important not to misunderstand or misinterpret this measurement of purity as a definitive guide to one’s worth or character. While it provides guidelines on what to do and what not to do, it should not be seen as the ultimate measure of a person’s value or potential.

It is crucial to recognize the misconceptions and limitations associated with this concept and focus instead on fostering an environment that encourages open-mindedness, understanding, and personal growth. Let us move forward with a broader perspective and support individuals in their journey toward becoming their best selves.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rice Purity Test for Boys is a questionnaire designed to gauge an individual’s level of purity by asking about various experiences and behaviors.

The test itself doesn’t directly impact a boy’s success. It serves more as a way to reflect on past experiences and potentially learn from them rather than predicting future success.

By taking the Rice Purity Test, boys have the opportunity to self-reflect and gain insights into their own experiences. This self-awareness can lead to personal growth and development.

While society may sometimes attach stereotypes or judgments based on one’s purity score, it is important to remember that these expectations are not universal, nor should they define an individual’s worth or potential.

Clear communication is essential in preventing misunderstandings surrounding the Rice Purity Test. Providing proper context and explanations and emphasizing that it is just one tool for reflection can help avoid misconceptions.

There are no strict guidelines on what you should do with your score. Some individuals choose to share it with friends as a conversation starter, while others keep it private for personal reflection purposes only.

One common misconception is that passing or failing the test defines your character or morality entirely, which is not accurate. The test merely provides insight into past experiences without determining one’s entire personality.

Yes, there are limitations to consider. The test relies on self-reporting, so its accuracy depends on the honesty and vulnerability of the person taking it. Additionally, experiences not covered by the test may also contribute to an individual’s overall character and growth.

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